Exploring Weh Island (Part3) : Rubiah

Day 3, our last day here at Weh Island. We’d leave this island by noon. Been wandering the whole island yesterday, and now it’s time for snorkeling at Rubiah island. This tiny island is one of the most favorite snorkeling spot at Weh. After took breakfast, we got ready to go across. A boat was already waiting to take us there.

Crystal clear water

Rubiah island is only hundreds meters away, right in front of Iboih inn. Not for long, we arrived at the island. The snorkeling spot is at the other side of it, you only need to walk for 5 minutes to get there. Well, for me, it was just okay, the coral and the fish at the beach. It wasn’t various enough. We didn’t know, maybe we should go furthermore to find something more interesting. 


Trying to take half underwater photo.. but failed

Cute Fish

Shallow Water


Suddenly, i got hit by jellyfish sting, for the first time. Soon, rash appeared on my hand, giving good pain sensation :D, forced me to come out of the water immediately. Too bad, doctors on vacation without any medicines, real lesson for us. Fortunately, it wasn’t heavy toxic, so we just sat, and it would get well soon.

We decided to get back to the otherside, spent a little bit more time here. I tried to swim again :D. Surely, this side was absolutely safer, and of course with less corals and fish.

It’s time for us to get back, we called the boat driver to pick us up. Here are the cost detail for this trip. All packed up, we’re ready to go. FYI, Iboih inn gives free ride to the parking area at Iboih, also free pick up from there to the inn. It’s helpful, because it’s far enough. Few cars were available to take us to Balohan harbor. Again, negotiating and paid 50,000 IDR per person. This time, we took the slow ferry. We’re not in a hurry.

Fery from Balohan to Ulheulee

Weh Island… See you again!

It was saturday, so many people already waiting for the ship. Just like us, they’re gonna have weekend at Banda Aceh. Well, see you on our next posts about Banda Aceh..


4 thoughts on “Exploring Weh Island (Part3) : Rubiah

    • Iya banyak yang rusak tapi foto karang itu masih dekat banget dg pantai jdi mungkin kalau agak ke tengah atau kesisi yang lain banyak yang bagus.. Waktu itu kami tersengat ubur 2 jadi tidak lanjut snorkling.

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