Exploring Weh Island (Part2) : From Anoi Itam To 0 Km

It was much sunnier when we get out of the volcano. We arrived at Balohan Harbor, took some pictures from above the harbor, on our way to Anoi Hitam.

Road from Balohan Harbor to Anoi Itam

It’s a historical place, japanese built fortress right on the edge of the cape. Well, we assumed that this is the most beautiful place among all. It wasn’t just a fortress on the cape, it had amazing view, whole area covered by green grass. For a moment, reminded me to Pero beach at Sumba Island, with its sharp rocky cliff, but this one’s not safe for swim. 

Japanese Fortress

Anoi Itam

The Edge of the Cape

In front of the Fortress

Still had many places to go, we didn’t spend much time here. We stopped by at Ujong Kareung and saw some people fishing. Had no idea why this place named Ujong Kareung. 😀


Ujong Kareung

Another “we dont know the name” Beach near Ujong Kareung

Next stop was Sumur Tiga beach (no translation for three wells beach, sounds no good i guess LOL). This one was quite famous with the cottage own by a frenchman (CMIIW), Mr. Freddy. Rumor said he’s one good and friendly man, so that many tourists visited his place.

Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach

Only miles away from Sabang city, in just few minutes we arrived at the city. Well, it’s quite small but cozy. Loved to see the big trees along the sidewalks. There were only few gas station here (2, maybe). Took a walk for a moment, then we had late-lunch.

Welcome to Sabang

Sabang Grand Mosque

Sabang Harbor

We’re gonna chase the sunset at KM O monument (the very west of Weh Island). We left Sabang and took the road along the northern part of the Island. We passed by the industrial harbor of the city, saw many people doing some sports, jogging, bicycling, etc.

Halfway to KM 0, we stopped by at Gapang beach. it looked ordinary, but it’s divers most fav place at this island. It had hidrothermal spot, it’s where the bubbles came out from volcano at the bottom of the sea.

Gapang Beach

Getting closer to KM 0, the road was getting narrower, and got into the forest. Honestly, a bit scary driving through the woods as it’s already getting dark. Fortunately, not for long, we saw 2 motorcycles in front of us, surely they’re going to the same place. wheww…


We arrived just before the sun set. Some had arrived earlier, waiting for the moment. We took some pictures at the monument. At the top, there was big 0 (zero) number, as a mark that this was the beginning of our beloved 3977 miles length archipelago. Then we enjoyed the moment of sunset. It was so beautiful.

0 km of Indonesian Archipelago


Enjoying the Sunset

Alright, now it’s time to got back to iboih. Again, gotta pass through the dark forest, chillin us up a bit more. This time, it’s completely dark, with the scary sounds of the animals. Finally, we arrived at iboih, bought some meals for dinner, returned the motorcycle, then have a rest. What a day we had at Weh Island..


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