Exploring Weh Island (part1) : Road to Jaboi Volcano

The next morning, it’s 8:30 AM and the rain hadn’t stopped yet. We wouldn’t waste time for it. After having breakfast, we rent a motorcycle, 100,000 IDR for whole day, given a small map of Weh Island, then we started to explore the island.

Map of Weh Island

The rain started to stop. Good, but it’s still cloudy. We started from the western part of the island, directly went to Lhong Angen. It was just an ordinary rocky beach, but perfect place for fishing. Then we went south to Pantai Pasir Putih (White sand beach). If only the sky were clear.. 😦

Lhong Angen

Cottage at Lhong Angen Beach

White Sand ” Pasir Putih ” Beach

Further south was Hot Spring, but we didn’t stop by, not interested 🙂 . Next destination was Jaboi Volcano. Wait, don’t imagine a pool of lava on the top of mountain, it’s just the smokey hot sulphur rising from the ground. It’s quite difficult to find it. The signboard was so small, and the volcano was in the woods. We missed it twice -_-.

Sign Board of Jaboi Volcano

But look around, explore it a little bit more, u’ll find it interesting. The smoke rose beneath the ground through some holes. At the other side, boiling water came out around some colorful stones. We went uphill and found trees with colorful leaves. Felt like having fall at Weh. Just take a look at our picture below 😀

Boiling water and hole on the ground

Jaboi Volcano

“Fall” at Weh Island


More stories in the next part….


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