A Trip to Weh Island, The Very West of Indonesia

We had planned this trip from long ago, so curious about Rencong land,especially Banda Aceh after tsunami disaster in late 2004 and Indonesia’s zero point, Weh Island.Bought the tickets 4 months earlier, as usual, we started the journey from Pekanbaru. You know, there’s not much choice for flights at Jambi airport.No direct flight from Pekanbaru to Banda Aceh, we took afternoon flight to Polonia airport, Medan. Then we continued to Banda Aceh using a cozy bus. Actually this was for a little saving. If we took another flight to Banda Aceh, we’re gonna have to stay for a night at Medan, because there was no more flight available to Banda Aceh. By using night bus, we could sleep along the way and arrived at Banda Aceh in the morning. LOL

Lets Fly

Sunny morning at Banda Aceh. It would be a nice day. We’d have a walk at this city later, we went directly to the Ulee Lheue (read: Ulele) harbour, waiting for the ferry to get across to Weh island. There were two options, fast ferry ( 60.000 IDR ), or slow ferry with the cheaper cost. We took the first one, didn’t wanna wait any longer to get there.

Left : Ulee Lheue Harbor Right : Weh Island seen from Ulee Lheue

“Pulo Rondo” Fast Ferry

In just 45 mins, we arrived at Balohan Harbor, the southern part of Weh. Alright, here was the inconvenient part, negotiating with the car driver who would take us to Iboih. Most of the public transportation went to Sabang city. After negotiating, we paid 100,000 IDR (50,000 IDR per person), and arrived at Iboih in half an hour.

Balohan Harbor, Weh Island

Kinda surprised that most of the inns were full, it wasn’t weekend. And more surprising, most of the tourists were americans and europeans. It wasn’t even summer yet, spring was just about to end. We took a small house of Iboih inn, almost on top of the hill. It took 200,000 IDR for a wooden house with double bed and a wall fan. Wheww. Everything were expensive here.


Inside the Cottage

The first day, we just took a walk around Iboih area, along the blue beach. We planned to go around the whole island tomorrow, a whole day. Here are some pictures of Iboih. Enjoy…

Teupin Layeu – Iboih



Had a short rest, we went up front to have some meals for dinner. Well,it’s far enough from the inn, about 15 mins on foot. It was so relaxing laying on the hammock looking at the stars while listening to the waves. But then suddenly it’s getting dark, and soon heavy rain came. Oh no.. What would it be to go around the island with cloudy sky.

Suddenly Dark Cloud is Coming

Owh, i’ve wrote too much. That’s all for this post. To be continued…

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