Pero Beach

This is another beautiful beach at Kodi, Southwest of Sumba. It’s about half an hour, furthermore to the west of Mandorak beach, already posted on previous post. It’s easier to get here, because it’s not too far away from the main road, and lot of villagers live nearby.

Pero beach

Well, it’s more like a gulf, actually. The coast of Pero is full of cliff, but this gulf provides perfect place for sailor’s boats. No wonder you’ll see many boats in the gulf and also around the coastline.

To have the perfect view of this beach, you have to be on the right side of the gulf’s edge. It’s an amazing landscape, mix of green grass, dark reef and white sands. Where else can you get this kind of view?

Beautiful wave

Reef around the beach

It’s hard and sharp

Reefs and sands

Inside the gulf

Nice blue water

Sailor’s boats

I bet, you can’t resist to swim when you look at the water. it’s like a giant swimming pool, white sands only at the bottom, looks very clear. Small waves get in periodically into the gulf, makes it looks even better. If you’re brave enough, you can jump from the edge of the cliff. it’s not too high. Just be aware of the sharp reef. Or you can get into the beach from the village, just follow the sailors. They will bring you there.


That’s all, short description about Pero beach. Hope you like it.. 🙂


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