Mandorak beach, beautiful and unique

I have introduced many beautiful places at east sumba. Well, this island is so amazing. The west side of this island also has few beautiful beaches.We’ll start with Mandorak beach.

Mandorak Beach

Mandorak beach is located at district of Kodi, on the north coast of sumba’s west side. It’s approximately 60 kilometers away from the city of Waitabula. Just like travelling on east sumba, we need our own vehicle to get to this beach. And the most important thing, you will need a guide/someone who already familiar with this place, or you will have to ask people a few times along the way, to find the right direction, because it’s far away from the main road of southwest sumba.

Reef cliff on both sides

What you find will worth the struggle to get here. It’s a small white sand beach, with the reef cliff on both sides, seems like canal of reef. It’s safe to swim, just don’t get too close to the reef cliff. It’s sharp enough to give you wounds. Thanks to a foreigner( I don’t remember where he came from, France or Germany or ???). He’s taking care of this place really good, makes it always look clean and beautiful. Need place to rest? Just get into his beautiful hut, open for the visitors. He made a traditional sumba house. There are three parts, The basement (for keeping stuffs), the main floor (with no walls), and the rooftops (he usually uses this to get cell phone signal).

The rooftop

Stairs to the top of the house

The main floor

View from front of house (left side)

View from front of the house (right side)

The beach, right next to the house

The front of the house is right on the edge of the cliff. It’s nice to look around along the coastline from here. I’m sure, you will feel time goes by so fast here. To be at cozy house next to a beautiful natural beach, far away from the crowd. Well, can’t explain much about this place. All I can say is, this is an amazing place.

It’s me!


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